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Delivering a Stand-Out Cleaning Service for Homes, Businesses, New Builds, and End of Lease Requirements. Call us today to experience the best service in the Tasmanian cleaning industry.

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Domestic Assistance

Feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list and finding no time for cleaning?

With presentations to write, late work nights, grocery shopping, dog walking, attending footy games, and hosting kids' birthday parties, your schedule is undoubtedly packed! But fear not, because we're here to make your home a haven of cleanliness and tranquility.

Imagine returning home to the delightful scent of freshly cleaned bathrooms, sparkling dishes neatly stowed away, pressure marks left in the carpet from vacuuming, windows devoid of fingerprints, and even your kids' rooms tidied with toys put away. Not to mention, your bed adorned with crisp, fresh sheets, beckoning you to just get on with being your version of extraordinary.

To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a complimentary consultation with our exceptional Team Leaders who will visit your location to discuss and understand your specific expectations. Give us a call today to arrange this consultation and take the first step towards experiencing the ultimate convenience and relaxation of a home cleaned by our superheros.

Call: 03 6340 1009

Commercial Cleaning

Experience the bliss of a fresh and tidy office space without lifting a finger, as we take charge of cleaning during and after business hours. With utmost care, we ensure your workspace remains fresh and clean, leaving you with a serene environment to thrive in.

Our dedicated team pays special attention to making all meeting rooms presentable and ensuring restrooms are thoroughly sanitized.As part of our comprehensive service, WELSS goes the extra mile by supplying essential bathroom consumables, including paper towels, toilet paper, soap dispensers, tea towels in break rooms, and much more.

Consider it one less thing to worry about!Embrace the relief of reduced stress as we handle your office cleaning needs with utmost professionalism and expertise. If you're seeking a pristine environment or want to learn more about our exceptional commercial cleaning services, don't hesitate to give us a call today. We'll be delighted to provide you with a free quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Call: 03 6340 1009

Other Cleaning

Our services extend to end of lease cleans (bond cleaning), new build cleans, and cleans in preparation of your home going on the market. Click through to see more about our additional cleaning services

End of Lease Cleans

Accessing services from W.E.L.S.S. Home Maintenance is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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